We’re a different kind of pharmacy.

See how we are helping people deepen their connection with themselves and live life fully through our pschyedelic-enhanced therapy programs.

Optimind Pharma is an emerging provider of psychedelic therapies for the masses. We help people suffering from PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and other mental illnesses and disabilities by providing ketamine-assisted-treatment and other psychedelic-enhanced-psychotherapy modalities so that they can heal and live life fully. We are also partnered with developers of psilocybin-associated treatments and products to further expand our treatment and program offerings.

Our Purpose

At Optimind, our purpose is to help those who are suffering from depression, PTSD, and other psycheatric disorders by providing psychedelic-enhanced therapy programs so that they can heal and live life fully again.


Medicinal Ketamine has been used as an anesthetic for decades in children, adults, and the elderly. 


Medicinal Ketamine has also been found to be a safe and beneficial treatment for chronic pain and certain psychiatric conditions


The rapid effects generally lift depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideations. Some patients only need treatment for a few sessions with their psychotherapist, others need continuous ongoing treatment.

Research & Development

Making psilocybin accessable to qualilfied patients through North America.

Through our collaborative licensing and R&D agreement with the Mohawk community in Quebec through Manitari Pharma, we soon expect to produce psilocybin for use in microdoses in-clinic to qualified patients throughout North America.

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