Psychedelic Enhanced Therapy to support your healing journey.

See how we’re combining modern science and ancient healing wisdom to help people live life fully again.

We’re a different kind of pharmacy.

Optimind combines the power of psychedelic medicine with the science of psychology to provide legal psychedelic enhanced psychotherapy in a safe, controlled environment. Our treatment programs are designed based on scientific research and specific modalities used in many different theraputic practices that have existed for thousands of years. Each treatment program combines the use of psychedelic medicine with therapeutic processing and integration.

The Process

Our treatment programs have the option to be booked as guided one-on-one experiences or as monotherapy sessions followed by an assessment from one of our physcians.

Regardless of whether you opt for our one-on-one or single experiences, we are confident you will join our many clients who share amazing success stories with our psychedelic-enhanced therapy programs.


The first step in Psychedlic Enhanced Psychotherapy is the intial consultation. This includes being assessed by a physcian and a clinical pscyhologist in order to determine your suitability to undergo ketamine-enhanced psychotherapy.


 We have two different types of treatments. Monotherapy and assisted-therapy, all based on a Ketamine capsule. The effects are felt about 30 minutes after, and within 2 hours of taking the medicine, cognition is resorted to normal. Through assisted therapy, you and your therapist work together towards your desired outcome.


You can expect to feel positive, uplifting effects on the first day of treatment. Antidepressant effects are common and as a result, our treatment is effective in eliminating suicidal ideations. Long-term, positive change occurs when you are committed to your healing practice and journey. 

Who is our treatment for?

Optimind Pharma’s treatment programs have been designed to help those suffering from treatment resistant mental health conditions, including depression, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, trauma, and more.

If you have been suffering from any of the above and are ready to try an evidence-based treatment that has helped many people around the world – learn more about what Optimind can do for you.

Research & Development

Making psilocybin accessable to qualilfied patients through North America.

Through our collaborative licensing and R&D agreement with the Mohawk community in Quebec through Manitari Pharma, we soon expect to produce psilocybin for use in microdoses in-clinic to qualified patients throughout North America.

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